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Japanese Style Hot Pot "Shabu-Shabu"

"This is UMAI"
is the word that comes out of your mouth
When you 
eat really delicious food
We aim to be a All-You-Can-Eat restaurant with a new worldview.
We will continue to refine our skills and 
sensibilities as an original Japanese restaurant without forgetting hospitality
"Shabu-Shabu" Japanese Pot.
Premium Thin sliced meat and chef selected Japanese Vegetable in your own pot with Several Broth. 

Vegetable from SUZUKI Farm
Our vegetables are freshly coming from Suzuki Farm and 
Please enjoy Japanese vegetable grown well.
Also the chef's original sauces harmonize well with the UMAMI of the ingredients.

 Open:    Tuesday  -  Sunday   (Close Monday)
Dinner:    4:30pm - 8:30pm last order 
595 River Rd
Edgewater, NJ 07020

Next Building on the same site as Mitsuwa Supermarket
 Open:    Tuesday  -  Friday 
Dinner:    4:30pm -9:30    (8:00pm last order) 
Saturday  &  Sunday 
12:30pm -9:30    (8:00pm last order) 
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